About Us


Ningbo Beilun Sunrise molding Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, mainly engaged in toilet design and its sales business. Located in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, which is renowned for Ningbo port. Based on the perfect highway and shipping network, it has convenient transportation. At the same time, the industrial base is developed and the upstream and downstream industries are mature. All these enable one-stop service to be come true. It greatly reduces the production cost, and realizes the high quality and low price of the products.

The company has long-term commitments to R & D, production and sales of portable toilets. Aimed at the Australia market, the R&D team has rich experience in design, and the workshop also have rich production experience. Work together with Australia's top industrial design company, we successfully develop entire plastic portable toilet. It is suitable to all types of people using habits. No pollution, simple transportation and long service life are its great features. From design stage, we fully consider people daily use experiences. Taking into account from its washing, cleaning, transportation, maintenance and other factors, we implement forward-looking design concept. Recently at home, under the increasingly stringent environmental protection principle, Sunrise molding Co., Ltd. firstly enters the 2.0 era of environmental protection toilet.

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